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“Ahunyare Here Sniper ….Saka Husoja Hwacho Huripapi Uchitya Kujambwa” Sniper Storm Appeals to Wicknell Chivayo for A Car

“Ahunyare Here Sniper ….Saka Husoja Hwacho Huripapi Uchitya Kujambwa” Sniper Storm Appeals to Wicknell Chivayo for A Car

Zimbabwean social media has been buzzing with controversy following Zimdancehall artist Sniper Storm’s public appeal to businessman Wicknell Chivayo for a new car. The musician’s plea, reminiscent of similar requests made by fellow artist Seh Calaz, has sparked widespread anger and frustration among netizens.

Sniper Storm took to Facebook to express his desire for a new vehicle, citing his support for the ruling party, Zanu PF, as justification. In his post, he emphasized his contributions to various party events and campaigns, including National Galas, rallies, and creating promotional materials. Sniper Storm underscored his loyalty to the party and its leaders, hoping to garner favor from Chivayo.

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However, the musician’s approach has been met with criticism from social media users, who have accused him of seeking undeserved rewards and lacking dignity. Many have expressed disappointment in Sniper Storm’s actions, questioning his integrity and professionalism as an artist. Some have even suggested that his public plea reflects poorly on his reputation and status in the music industry.

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“Emmison B Ali Mtikani

I used to respect you but unonyadzisa wangu, murume mukuru akaita sewe ku kumbira mota kune umwe murume 🤣🤣😂😂😂 Thats why you’re still upcoming artist”

Amidst the backlash, comments on Sniper Storm’s post have been overwhelmingly negative, with some users expressing loss of respect for the artist. Critics have pointed out that his behavior undermines his credibility and suggests a lack of self-reliance. Others have questioned his motives and labeled him as “not man enough” for resorting to begging.

Lloyd King Mwaapiwa

“Ndabvisa music yako mufoni mangu zvese nememukadzi wangu”

As the debate continues to unfold on social media platforms, Sniper Storm’s plea to Wicknell Chivayo serves as a reminder of the complexities within Zimbabwe’s music industry and the challenges faced by artists seeking recognition and support.

Stephen Pyman Pimbiyo

“Ok zvivindi zvacho Calaz ndiye akatipa”

Tinashe BaKayla WeMberengwa Mtombeni

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“No wonder why Chipo Muchengwa dumped you uripenzi remunhu”

Emmison B Ali Mtikani

“Inzara here? Chii nhai? Unonyadzisa wangu, hausi murume pane vamwe varume iwe.. Ndimi varume vakanyorwa pama toilet 😏

Blessing Jena 

“Iii nhai Mwari”

Emmison B Ali Mtikani

“Huh now ndabvuma ku Zimbabwe kune nzara boiz ukaona murume akunanzva umwe murume kumusuri so ka ummm paipa”
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