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ZEC Comes to Wicknell Chivayo’s Defense, Denies Ever Dealing With Him During 2023 Election

ZEC Wicknell Chivayo
Picture Supplied By Zimetro News

Harare, Zimbabwe |  ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (ZEC) has categorically denied ever working with Wicknell Chivayo or any of his former business partners to get electoral supplies for the general elections scheduled for August 23, 2023.

Following media allegations regarding a conflict between Chivayo and his ex-partners, Mike Chimombe and Moses Mpofu, over alleged fraudulent activities, Chivayo released this statement.

According to the reports, the three forged invoices in order to obtain millions of USD from ZEC.

Chivayo was accused by Chimombe and Mpofu of changing the terms of their agreement with Ren-Form and Better Brands, two South African companies, to supply ZEC with voting materials. They further claimed that Chivayo took all of the money made from these corrupt practices.

Chivayo responded by refuting the accusations and claiming that Chimombe and Mpofu had created incriminating voice notes using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence that gave the impression that he had acknowledged the fraud.

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ZEC clarified the situation with a statement on Friday night. The statement claimed that ZEC had no agreements with Chivayo, Chimombe, or Mpofu and that all election-related procurement was carried out strictly in accordance with the law. The text of the statement is as follows:

“We are quite concerned about the social media messages and rumors that are going viral online and frightening and depressing the population. We want it to be known for the record that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is not under any contract with the people included in these reports, nor did it obtain any election-related materials from them.

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We invite anyone claiming the Commission is under contract with these people to come forward and provide proof.

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We further proclaim in the open that the real sums utilized to purchase all electoral materials were significantly lower than the figures that were naughtily shared on social media. All of the election supplies ordered for the Harmonized Elections of 2023 arrived on schedule”.

The supplier firmly declared in writing that they had no contract with the persons for the supply of election materials during the 2023 Harmonized Elections, as confirmed by the Commission as well.

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