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Anita Jaxson and Crooger’s Ugly Truth

Anita Jaxson and Crooger's Ugly Truth

Crooger has opened up on his relationship with Anita Jaxson. It wasn’t as good as it looked. Crooger said:

“Let me start with the reason why the relationship failed and why we are where we are today. It’s because of some red flags that I noticed.

Anita has a married friend anonzi Brie and Anita aiperekedza Brie kunoCheater murume wake using my car and since then I stopped kissing Anita and having sex. Ndipo pakatanga maProblems ese coz ndaiti hunhu hwakaita sei ihwohwo.

I also saw messages in her phone from a guy anonzi Munya who is also married achiti what lingerie should I buy you. Zviriko here izvozvo? When I started this relationship with Anita, I told her I am on a building stage and she also said she wanted someone to build with.

Anita Jackson & Crooger at each other’s throats, Songstress accuses lover of beating her up

That’s why we were together and I guess she got frustrated coz it takes time kuti zvinhu zvifaye.

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I only had 3 physical fights with Anita and in all cases she attacked me first and I would defend myself. One time akaita scratch near the eye because of the brawl and Anita is light skinned ndikamurova anoita black eye kana mbama chaiyo inoonekwa. Akachema anozvimba maziso and she took 4 pictures this other time akazvimba maziso. Ndiwo maPics aakaburitsa kuCourt. Handirove mukadzi ini. She has a history of being violent akatomborova her former manager anonzi Rain.

She got a protection order against me and I also got a protection order against her mdhara coz akandidhumha nemota when I went to try and recover my car (Pajero) at the police station. I opened a window to try to get my car keys ndipo paakandidhumha ipapo and she went running into the police station achiti ndamudhumha.

She said it’s 16 days of activism and I can take you down that’s why you see all this happening. She is even planning to release a song using this drama as hype. I am not an abuser but Anita is playing a victim yet she is the instigator. If I did beat her up dai ndiri mujeri or community service but her case was dismissed because of lack of merit dzenyaya dzake.”

This is Croogers side of the story.

More to follow…

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