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Madam Boss’s Hubby & Small House Expecting Their Child This December

Madam Boss's Hubby & Small House Expecting Their Child This December

Popular comedienne, Madam Boss’ husband, Mhofela and his small house Evangelista Zhou are expecting their child any day this month, H-metro reports.

The publication made the revelation in an article where Madam Boss was denying rumours that she is also expecting.

Speaking to the publication Madam Boss said, “what is circulating on social media about my pregnancy is not true.

“I was recently ordered by my doctor to have a bed rest.

“Asi kana zviri zvemimba, mimba inokura haivanzike uye mushure memwedzi mipfumbamwe inozvarwa.

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‘It is one thing people cannot try to speculate or guess.”

Also on ZiMetro News, renowned television personality Mbudziyadura, born Blessing Chimhowa, who rose to fame through yesteryear’s hit comedy series Gringo has announced his retirement from acting.

In a heart wrecking video currently making rounds on social media, Mbudziyadhura said he no longer enjoys the trade hence the decision.

Social media users had this to say;

Phyllis Amy Weston

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Our greatest of all time vakaita sana Mbudziyadhura and many more kana award 1 futi asi muma streets vakauya zuro uno, vakaita ma skits ezvinyadzi, ne zvimwe zvisina matur vakutowana ma awards and recognition from left, right and center … Unopera hanya shuwa.
Zimbabwe is a peculiar place where legends die paupers 🥺🥺🥺🥺🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

I wish u the best Mkoma..makativaraidza nguva yakareba..As much as tichirikuda kunakidzwa nemi…Your happiness matters

Joe Mkombwe

It’s hard these days for male actors kana pandakambomuonawo achiitwa brand ambassador wechero company .These days if you are an artist panodawo uchiitwa brand ambassador or kuitawo MC to survive

Lewis Gauti

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Wagona wasiya nguva ichiripo,,, look AnaFunny bros wazuro atove netumacents,, imi muchingoti 2030 unofa urirombe enda unoactera chero paZambia apo wotoita million kwacha pane Millon bonds to hell zvorwadza mbudzi kungonzi wakapusa wopiwa bond

Prince Maorere

Times are different media has taken over and many people are more glued to socialites with scandals compared to real talent

In other news,

Chapungu FC vice chairman love affair goes viral


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Patrick Chikwanda Goes Viral On Social Media After Mjolo Video Is Posted On Social Media.

Chapungu FC vice chairman love affair goes viral

Chapungu FC vice chairman Mr Patrick Chikwanda has gone viral on social media. This comes after his younger girlfriend shared a video of the two together.

Mr Patrick Chikwanda is a father of 3 and is labelled a very responsible father who cares for his family as seen from the video he was…continue reading

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