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“I Have a Banging Body” – Mai Tt Brags As Ketty Masomera In Sucked Into Her Mjolo Saga

"I Have a Banging Body" - Mai Tt Brags As Ketty Masomera In Sucked Into Her Mjolo Saga

Ketty Masomera has denied leaking Mai TT’s mjolo video and pictures on social media. She claims she only found out about them in a WhatsApp group.

Mai TT accused her former husband, Tinashe Maphosa, of forwarding the nudes to Ketty, who is based in Ireland.

However, Ketty told H-Metro that the accusations were false.

She claimed that it was Mai TT’s ex-lover, Forget Muranza, who leaked the pictures after Mai TT promised to pay back a loan, but never did.

“She is blaming me for something I didn’t do just to poke me.

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“Her ex-lover, Forget Muranza, is the one who leaked her nudes.

“His mother passed away and he asked Mai TT for money and she was busy with another man and asked me instead to send Forget the money and promised to pay me back, but never did.

“Forget was p****d off that I insult him every time I do a Facebook Live demanding my money back, and that’s why he resorted to revenge porn, which is now a nuisance in my peaceful life,” Ketty said.

Mai TT went live on Facebook Live on Tuesday morning raging about the pictures, which she said had been recorded by Tinashe, when they were still together.

“When the pictures were sent to me, I was shocked. Worse when I saw the video ndakashamiswa zvekare kuti nekugeza kwese kwandoita ndingaita tsvina yakadaro.

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“I only know the pictures, which were taken as a video by Tinashe, who went on to edit and send them to Ketty Masomera to feed his ego.

“It’s not my first time being blackmailed with mjolo pictures, so I kept on poking them to leak them all.

“What I know is that I have a beautiful body,” Mai TT posted.

Meanwhile, Mai TT was grilled in court yesterday in a case in which she is being accused of using a hired car as collateral for a loan she took from a loan shark.

During cross-examination, prosecutor Monalisa Magwenzi queried the differences between her original defence outline and her evidence-in-chief.

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“You stated that the car was with Rachel Mhuka for safekeeping, but in your chief examination you told the court that she took the car by force from your assistant, what is the correct position,” quizzed Magwenzi.

Mai TT said she had given the car to Mhuka for safekeeping and insisted she could do as she pleased with the car.

She refused to answer several questions, prompting magistrate Munashe Chibanda to issue a warning and ordering her to respond and not to pose questions to the prosecutor.

The trial resumes tomorrow when her defence witness is set to testify.

An unidentified woman was thrown out of court for recording Mai TT on the witness stand.

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