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A UK-based Zimbabwean woman has allegedly been denying her daughter access to her father for 15 years.

This is due to her parents’ fallout, H-Metro can reveal.

Coleen Nyandoro’s differences with her ex-husband, Munyaradzi Mwanjira, has psychologically affected their 17-year-old daughter, Chelsea.

Chelsea was just two years old when her parents divorced.

Coleen’s use of Chelsea as a weapon, in her fight against Munyaradzi, has sucked in her elderly mother, Loveness Nyandoro.

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Gogo Loveness told H-Metro that several people, believed to have been sent by Munyaradzi, were coming to her in his bid to have access to his daughter.

“My life is in danger because of Coleen’s fights with Chelsea’s so-called father,” said Gogo Loveness.

“I refer to him as a so-called father because he never paid lobola.

“I am the one who has been looking after Chelsea from the age of two.

“Now, she is 17 years old, and someone is causing me sleepless nights claiming that she is his daughter.

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“Akarerwa nani? Nhasi ave mwana wake ambokurira kupi? Anopenga chete murume uyu.”

She added: “He has been sending people, with some claiming to be from higher offices, and some saying they were police officers.

“He engaged social welfare workers accusing me of abusing the child and locking her in the house.

“There is nothing like that. How can I abuse her when I have looked after her for all these years?

“Chelsea is safe, sound and attending school in the UK.

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“She was never deported from the UK like what he is telling people.

“Ndakutotya kuvhurira vanhu gedhe nekuti vanhu vatumwa pano vawandisa,” said Gogo Loveness.

She said she has clashed with cops stationed at Waterfalls Police Station over the matter.

However, Munyaradzi insisted that Chelsea was forced to leave the UK and is being kept locked up by Gogo Loveness.

“Coleen has been denying me access to my child following our separation,” said Munyaradzi.

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“She got married to another man based in the UK and he is the one who assisted her in ensuring that I do not take my child through legal means.

“My daughter was forced to stay with Gogo Loveness, and she is being abused and denied her rights to the love of both parents.

“There is no serious abuse of children’s rights more than what they are doing to my daughter,” said Munyaradzi.

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