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Businessman Explains Why Wife Fled Two Weeks After He Paid US$18K Lobola

Businessman Explains Why Wife Fled Two Weeks After He Paid US$18K Lobola

A businessman has disclosed why his wife left their marital house two weeks after he paid US$18K in lobola.

Natasha Chamisa was abducted two weeks after her extravagant wedding to Blessing Togarasei in 2021.

Blessing Togarasei is a businessman that owns TogaBless Mining and serves as the national chairwoman of the Artisanal and Small Scale Miners Association (ASSA). He went ahead and paid US$18K lobola for Natasha, assuming that this would be sufficient to grant him marital bliss.

After they returned from their honeymoon, things entered a downward spiral. Natasha simply vanished into thin air, leaving no trace of her whereabouts.

Her parents have no idea where she has gone.

Last week, the distraught husband circulated audio clips on social media, pleading with people to help him find his wife and child.

H-Metro spoke to Blessing Togarasei, and he revealed that he still wants his wife even after her two-year absence.

“I was charged US$18 000, but my wife is on the run with my child. I am looking for her, and I will sue anyone who is staying with my wife for US$1 million. Her relatives say they do not know where she is. The child is not well and needs treatment at the hospital. You may make fun of my situation, but I want my sick son so I can get him good treatment. Apa my wife has blocked me.”

The businessman further revealed that a pastor told him in 2020 and informed that Natasha was his God-given wife. He then explained why his wife dumped him:

“I took his advice and married her. But when she discovered that I was still building, when she expected to find a fully-furnished house, she just changed. She would provoke me, hoping that I would retaliate by assaulting her, but I did not.

“I then invited her aunt over, and Natasha told her that I am a liar and she didn’t see any future in me. During the conversation, she packed her bags and left. I supported her pregnancy and paid for all the bills, and brought her back home after some deliberations with her relatives.

“She tried to jump out of the car while we were on our way to church. The following Sunday, I did not go with her, only to come back to an empty house.”

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