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CCC and Zanu PF “trade blows”

CCC and Zanu PF "trade blows"

An unnamed individual posing as a Zanu PF official claims that the party has declared war on the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) as the two sides “trade blows” over the attack of many Murewa villagers because of their affiliation with the opposition.

The Zanu PF official is heard vehemently supporting the Murehwa violence that occurred in Chirowa Village, Murewa North, in a leaked audio clip that was uploaded on one of the ruling party’s numerous WhatsApp groups.

Following the attack, Morris Seremani (age 74), Susan Seremani (age 56), Beauty Chikoti (age 52), Chipo Mutizwa (age 37), Nyaradzai Chitauro (age 52), Sekuru Dongo (age 79), and Munyaradzi Dongo (age 38) were left with bruises and strained muscles.

Do you comprehend what war is? There is collateral damage in war, and the victor gets it all. We are at war and will soon attack CCC. At their age, these old people wished to attend a gathering. The Zanu PF officer is heard asking, “Don’t they know the ruling party?

They desire to have my President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, removed. Whether there is blood or not, we will prevail in the polls. This is not a game for us. We’ll be executed if your grandma and grandfather mark an X next to the president. The officer said aggressively, “We will lose, and Chamisa (leader of the Nelson Chamisa CCC) will hang us.

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The head of Zanu PF in Mashonaland East, Daniel Garwe, stated on Sunday that there was no evidence that party members had abused the Murewa residents.

The province expressly dissociates itself from the people in the trending video. They plainly were paid to pursue nefarious intentions, including tarnishing the reputation of His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Second Republic, Garwe added. They are neither members of Zanu PF Mashonaland East province nor any recognised affiliate.

Garwe warned the opposition in a terrifying manner in November of last year while boasting of the enormous backing the ruling party receives from the judiciary and security services.

The ruling party, according to Garwe, would do all it takes to guarantee Mnangagwa’s reelection, speaking to party supporters in Seke.

Though a senior CCC member in Murehwa Rabson Mazuru told NewsDay that Zanu PF was hiding behind a finger and that the victims had not attended for a political gathering but rather to see Seremani, who had also been battered, he claimed that Zanu PF was doing this.

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“Zanu PF’s claims are untrue. It’s just doing this to conceal itself behind a finger. Because it is the law itself, it will keep coming to light, he added.

“These elderly are truly CCC members,” Mazuru continued. One of them (Seremani), who had been brutally battered, had been in Harare and wasn’t feeling well at the time. Others immediately organised themselves to go and pray for him when they learned that he had returned, even though he had only returned on December 30. They arrived at Seremani’s house in this manner.

“So, it’s possible that someone saw Seremani’s companion coming to visit him and assumed they were heading to a party meeting, in which case they may have phoned Zanu PF and said that these guys were troublemakers. Despite the fact that their visit wasn’t for a party meeting, they were obliged to claim that they were.

Police stated that they were looking into things.

The violence has been denounced by human rights advocates as a hint that the nation may have violent elections in 2023.

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The Women’s Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence (Walpe) expressed its outrage over the violent video in a statement.

The use of women by political parties to advance their malicious political objectives must stop. Instead, they must take all reasonable steps to encourage women in their parties to run for office and close the gender gap. Women shouldn’t be exploited as puppets or vehicles for political intolerance; rather, women should be leading the way in promoting peace, harmony, and tolerance rather than serving as the instigators of violence, intimidation, harassment, and bullying, according to Walpe.

The competent authorities are urged to take action against the perpetrators of this brutal, inhumane crime and bring them to justice, said the women’s rights association.

The country wants calm and political tolerance rather than violence, harassment, and intimidation as the harmonised elections scheduled for this year get closer. Women are discouraged from participating in political and electoral processes as candidates and voters by such acts of violence, and if they do, their involvement is not unrestricted.

The CCC is a rival of the ruling party, according to former State Security Minister Owen Ncube from a year ago.

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