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Curvaceous Beauty Plaxedes Doobae Bares All

Plaxedes Doobae....Who Is She?!

Plaxedes Doobae, a stunning Zimbabwean socialite and influencer with captivating curves, recently took to social media to express her frustrations about her love life.

In her heartfelt message, she bemoaned the way her ex-boyfriends had treated her, despite her undeniable beauty. She compared their behaviour to treating her like a worthless object as if she were garbage.

With a touch of sarcasm, Plaxedes Doobae scoffed at the hypocrisy of her former lovers, who now longed to rekindle their relationships with her, simply because she had become somewhat of a sensation.

“It’s very sad how all my exes now want to get back with me because I’m sort of a “big deal” now even after they all treated me like trash,” she vented on her Twitter account.

Contrary to popular belief, Plaxedes revealed that men don’t fall at her feet as easily as expected. In fact, she confessed that she’s the one who constantly finds herself heartbroken, as she falls hopelessly in love with unworthy partners.

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Controversial Socilalite'Plaxedes Doobae' says, Nigerian Men Are the Best Lovers!

Plaxedes admitted that despite investing considerable time and energy into her past relationships, she consistently ended up feeling humiliated and disappointed, left with a sense of regret.

“I’m always the one who gets dumped because when I fall in love I fall hard 🥺and I’m a hopeless romantic. I give so much time and energy and always end up being s disappointed,” she added in a tweet.

However, amidst the challenges in her love life, Plaxedes shared a glimmer of hope. Despite being single since January, she revealed that she has been seeing someone. Nonetheless, she still considered herself single because she remained uncertain whether he was truly the one for her.

“I’ve been single since January. Yes | am seeing someone but idk if he’s the one. He really does try but I’m comparing him to my ex and i feel he can do better.. he’s also not used to being loved so it’s so hard to get him to relax in a relationship,” Plaxedes Doobae divulged about her current romance.

She added that she does not love being for every man and revealed what she is looking for in a relationship. Plaxedes Doobae said she loves being loved and hates “the streets”.

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“I love being loved. I love to love🥺i hate the streets. I love relationships and getting up close and personal with someone,” she concluded her rant.

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