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Fast Like A Wi-Fi Mai TT Finally Speaks On New Married Lover!

After a series of failed relationships, Mai TT’s fans thought she had finally found true love

But the controversial socialite has denied dating a man only identified as Gilbert, saying she doesn’t go for married men, and only dates divorcees.

“Inini chaiye ndodanana nema divorcees, zvevarume vevanhu ratova drama. Shuwa a whole cat mom like me ndomirira baba kuti nhasi muri kuuya here or muna madam?

“That will never happen, what if the wives bewitch me?”

She discouraged women from dating married men.

“Pasi nekudanana nevarume vevanhu. Ndinotodawo kudiwa, but I’m unlucky, I have accepted it and I have stopped trying.

“Pamwe ndirimukadzi wechikwambo, zvinowanikwa,” she said.

She said this time, she is not entertaining people who want to know about her personal life.

“It’s a shame you want to see me crying all the time.

“Moda kumanikidza ma relationships, kuita kumasonanidza nemapepa.

“These days, I’m focusing on restoring what was stolen from me,” she said.

She said being in the same space with someone doesn’t mean they are dating.

“Kundiona ndirimumota nemunhu doesn’t mean ndodanana naye.

“Handina history yekuita zvevarume vevanhu, ndingori ne history yekushandiswa nevarume kuti vaite mari vondisiya.

“This has taught me to take my time and focus on myself than opening my heart to be wounded over and over again.

“Musandione ndichisekerera, I don’t even know how I do it,” she said.

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