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Kuwadzana suicide: Tino Had A Case To Answer!

Kuwadzana suicide: Tino Had A Case To Answer!

A 20-year-old jilted man found hanging from a tree at his lover’s house on Saturday was scheduled to appear for hearing at his workplace over missing funds today.

Tinotenda Zikonya, who was found hanging from a mango tree at his lover, Memory Chivhunga’s parents’ house, was reported to have failed to account for US$1 900 at a money transfer agency he worked for.

“Tinotenda failed to account for US$1 900, and on being searched, US$1 000 was found hidden at his place, while US$900 was not recovered.

“He was set to appear for a hearing on Monday (today). He had given the US$900 to Memory to persuade her to reconsider her decision to dump him,” said the source.

“We were surprised to hear about his suicide. We were aware of his affair with Memory as well as one with his workmate called Yolanda.”

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Tinotenda sent a message to Memory around midnight informing her about his decision to hang himself at her mother’s house.

Memory woke up to read the message and peeped through the window and saw him hanging from their mango tree.

Tinotenda’s uncle, Stevenson Chimombe, said:

“I enquired from Memory the reason for Tinotenda to take his life at her mother’s house. She told me that she had told him of her intention to end the affair and he didn’t like it.

“Taingoziva kuti musikana ndiye anozviuraira kuti ndarambwa kwete murume, asi zvakawoma zvevana vemazuva ano.

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“Memory’s mother knew Tinotenda and had been receiving groceries from him, which is why he decided to take his life at her house.

“Atirwadzisa, ashungurudza mhuri nekuenda nenzira yakadai.”

Memory reportedly decided to call it quits after discovering that Tinotenda was double crossing her with Yolanda.

Kuwadzana residents were shocked by the suicide.

“Tinoda kutema miti yese iripadzimba pane vanasikana kuitira kuti vakuwasha vashaye pekuzvisungirira,” said one resident.

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Tinotenda’s body is awaiting a post-mortem at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital.

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