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I’m Not SICK…I’m Just TOO OLD! says Mohadi

Vice President Kembo Mohadi, 74, has dismissed circulating rumors about his declining health, asserting that he remains fit but acknowledges that age is affecting him.

Mohadi made these remarks last Friday at Manama High School in Gwanda South, his alma mater, where he was donating laptops and sports equipment.

During the event, he experienced a severe cough, prompting him to pause his speech and request water, and he appeared pale and fatigued throughout.

“I am not sick, but I am getting old; that’s why I drink a lot of water,” Mohadi explained. He praised Manama High School for its significant role in the liberation struggle and expressed sadness over the deteriorating condition of some school structures.

Zanu PF’s director of information, Farai Marapira, expressed confidence in the health of their leaders, dismissing the rumors and reaffirming the party’s focus on the economy and their mandate to the people of Zimbabwe.

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An anonymous analyst suggested that Mohadi is unwell but will not resign, fearing a loss of influence.

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This perspective raises concerns about the youth blindly following aging leaders who may not have the vitality to govern effectively.

Former CCC president Nelson Chamisa advocated for a culture of rest and retirement rather than clinging to power until death.

Mohadi’s health became a topic of public concern last October after he allegedly collapsed during a Gutu West parliamentary by-election campaign, leading to journalists being forced to delete videos of the incident.

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He reportedly also collapsed at the University of Zimbabwe while delivering an Africa Day lecture.

These incidents, combined with his recent coughing fit at Manama, have intensified scrutiny and debate about his health.

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