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I’m The Best, Says Holy Ten!

Zim Hip Hop sensation, Holy Ten, reckons he is the best among the current crop of rappers

This came after he made a statement on his Instagram page saying “Ndakanzwa inzwi richiti ucharamba Uchipisa”.

The rapper has been going around claiming that he writes lyrics for every artist he features with.

However, some of the fans feel he should be humble and let others judge him.

They agree that he is talented but some feel he shouldn’t appear as if he is arrogant.

Below are some of the comments from his fans.


Talent alone is not enough, discipline is also a catalyst to success. – Victor Mahungana.


Hatisikuramba kuti unopisa but just humble yourself, don’t be arrogant and put that too much pride aside ugoona kuti unotosopisa kudarika zvaurikufunga kuti urikuita ipapa. – Patience Mtasa.


Chipo chako chinokuita kuti upise zvekusvika pakubvira chaiko, but your stupidity will extinguish the fire zvese nemarasha acho zvekuti uchasara watonhora kuti tonho.– Simbarashe Bota.


Talent will take you to the top but character will make you remain at the top.– Isheanesu Legan.


Kupisa kwei…iwe wakuita ma features chete apa unoimba 30 seconds chete watopera…. – Ouiton McCloud.

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