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JSC Boss ‘Walter Chikwana’ in a US$34 Million Massive Corruption Scandal

Head Of JSC Walter Chikwana in a US$34 Million Massive Corruption Scandal

Walter Chikwana, the secretary of the Judiciary Services Commission (JSC), is under fire over claims that he embezzled money worth at least US$34 million and damaged the Treasury.

Harare | The contentious official is accused of bringing in an online tracking and virtual system platform from Armenia, and the shady transaction was completed without following the law and without putting out a tender.

It has reportedly cost US$34 million so far.

ZiMetro News obtained access to a leaked dossier that included the damning accusations and named Chief Justice Luke Malaba, who is charged with providing Chikwana with protection.

A section of the unidentified insider’s dossier stated:

“The system imported from Armenia has been used to date for at least US$34 million and did not go up for tender.”

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Furthermore, it is said that the system is appropriate for a 5G network but is too bulky for present internet connectivity.

JSC has courts in remote locations including Mtawatawa, Kezi, and other places where internet access is difficult.

The system requires up-to-date, 5G capable devices. The outdated computers that Danida supplied to JSC in 2013 are still being used.

In order to establish his hegemony and complete control over the judiciary, Chikwana is reportedly said to have gotten a “gift” of a Toyota Landcruiser from Malaba. This was used for spying and “snitching” on judges and magistrates.

Chikwana is also accused of using a portion of the earnings to construct a multimillion-dollar school in Crowhill.

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Originating from Mashonaland Central’s Rosa district, Chikwana is said to have purchased a property in the Concession area, where he keeps premium breeds of heifers.

The dossier’s contents also claim that Chikwana purchased a costly vehicle for his confidant, the IT manager, who goes by the name Manyenga.

With the money from the reprehensible sale, he allegedly also purchased a costly farm in Makoni West.

The dossier further states that Panashe, Chikwana’s son, “has been given an office at JSC and a car and he is on salary pay roll but not an employee.”

Numerous incidents of sexual harassment, including marriage-bombing, have been reported by Chikwana against female surboinates.

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According to the dossier, “Chikwana destroyed the marriage of a former Econet employee (name withheld) and promoted her to a post of Protocol Manager; she attended a receptionist interview but was given a higher post.”

Is it appropriate to reply?

Despite persistent efforts, Chikwana was not available at the time of writing.

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