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Meet Roki’s Baby Mamas, And Children

Meet Roki's Baby Mamas, And Children

Rockford Josphats, often known as Roki, is a talented Zimbabwean artist that creates songs in genres such as Urban Groove, Soca, Dancehall, Afro-pop, and House.

Roki, who was born in 1985, began his musical career at the age of 16 in 2001, after dropping out of school the previous year.

Roki, who has created a reputation for himself as a great singer and performer, has also dabbled in movies and was a competitor on the renowned reality show Big Brother Africa in 2012.

However, while Roki’s work appears to be stable and steady, the musician’s personal life is a different story, with reports claiming that Roki has been married at least twice and has at least five children with several women.

In an attempt to save money, Roki hosted both of his ex-wives near the same property in Waterfalls in 2012.

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Although Roki first stated that his two ex-wives were getting along well and that everything was OK, the two ladies were reportedly evicted from their joint property in 2013 after failing to pay their rent. Following their expulsion, they split up and resolved to cut Roki out of their life.

Everything you need to know about Roki’s marriages and children is right here.

Pauline Gundidza


Roki, Pauline and their daughter, source: Instagram

Roki’s first wife, Pauline Gundidza, commonly known as Mai Sky, was the mother of his two daughters, Skye (born 2005) and Minana (born 2010).

Pauline Gundzidza was born in 1985 and attended Dominican Convent High School in Harare for her O Levels before enrolling at Music Crossroads Academy, where she got a Certificate in Music.

Pauline Gundzidza, like Roki, is a musician who was a part of the popular band Mafriq alongside Lovedale ‘Discord’ Makalanga and Tungamirai ‘Tunga T’ Tavi. The band split up in 2010.

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Roki and Pauline Gundidza married in 2004, however their marriage was short-lived and they divorced. Despite their divorce, Pauline and Roki remained friendly and continued to collaborate.

Melody Musekiwa


Melody Musekiwa was Roki’s second wife and the mother of one of his children- a daughter called Dawn.
Melody was a talented dancer who went by the stage name- Chocolate and a musician who was known as Female Bhuru.
Meet Roki's Baby Mamas, And Children
She and Roki met when she was his backup dancer and the two got married in 2012. Like Roki’s first marriage, his marriage to Melody Musekiwa did not last, and the two divorced.
After avoiding the limelight for a couple of years, Melody returned to the entertainment scene in 2017. She reinvented herself as a musician and released her debut single Anondida. She went on to release other singles that were inspired by her life including Byron na Wayne, and Zesa.
Sadly, Melody Musekiwa passed away on the 17th of April 2021 after battling kidney and liver failure. She was laid to rest at the Zororo Memorial Park.

Other women who have dated Roki

Besides his failed relationships with his ex-wives Pauline and Melody, Roki was also in a serious relationship with renowned musician/actress- Ammara Brown in 2014. Although at the time Roki announced that the two were planning on getting married, they never did.
After breaking up with Pauline, Roki dated a woman called Amanda Naude but their relationship did not last. However, after 11 years, the two rekindled their relationship and Roki even announced that they had done their traditional wedding and were planning their white wedding. Amanda and Roki have a son together.

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