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Pauline tells Roki to Leave Her Alone!

Pauline tells Roki to Leave Her Alone!

The singer-songwriter Pauline Gundidza has said unequivocally that she and Roki are no longer romantically linked.

Following a picture of their daughter that Roki had shared on his Facebook page, the creator of Mafriq issued the following statement:

“Saka uchaitasei woramba baba vemwana, mwana wobuda akafanana na daddy vake? Saka ukatarisa mwana unenge uchingondifunga?”

In an exclusive interview with H-Metro, Pauline said:

“I honestly felt attacked when people started forwarding this post,” she said.

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“I was a little offended that he would still keep referring to our long-ended relationship and drawing attention to me in such a way, worse still involving our innocent children.

“I chose not to respond and I figured it must be a publicity attempt.”

She added:

“Currently, I am single and I think if someone was interested in a lifelong relationship with me, this post would plant seeds of doubt as to my final position with regard to my former marriage.

“On top of this, our marriage was never actually consummated as we never completed the marriage rite of paying rusambo to my family so it feels a bit unfair to continue to be bound to something that failed to manifest years ago.

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“The only connection that exists between us now is our beautiful and gifted daughters whom we should rather work hard for and provide with a bright future instead of such posts that draw unnecessary attention to the kids in an era where cyberbullying has destroyed so many lives.”

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