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Once Again Fading Roki Bares Soul

Meet Roki's Baby Mamas, And Children

ROCKFORD “Roki” Josphat feels their contribution to the history of urban contemporary music in Zimbabwe is not being appreciated.

He believes urban grooves came from a place where most people feel least comfortable — a place of uncertainty, contradiction and discovery.

This is reflected in the songs like Waenda by Tererai Mugwadi and Zuva Rimwe by Cynthia Mare.

In an interview with H-Metro, Roki said he feels that something went wrong along the way.

He said urban grooves has done a lot for the local music industry and helped give birth to other genres.

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Roki believes genres like Zim Dancehall and Zim-Hip Hop wouldn’t be there without the urban grooves movement.

“It seems the music from that generation had a longer shelf life.

“Urban grooves birthed Zim Dancehall and Zim-Hip Hop and, as a generation, we’re all very happy that some of the people we inspired directly became famous acts.

“I feel we should do more and inspire and give birth to more if we can.

“Like I said, it was used to come up with the urban styles of music that are there currently, all things are possible through God, so you never know.

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“I intend to continue as a musician and I can’t help but to be happy to be associated and synonymous with such a big brand as urban grooves.”

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