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Mutsvangwa Claims Involvement In Removal Of Two Dictators, Smith And Robert Mugabe

Mutsvangwa Chides CCC Over “Fixation” With Politics

ZANU PF Spokesperson has said he has participated in the removal of two dictators, Ian Smith and Zimbabwe’s founding leader, the late Robert Mugabe.

He made the remarks at a Chatham House hybrid roundtable event on Wednesday. Watch the video below for more.

Mugabe was ousted from power in 2017 after leading the Southern African nation for 37 straight years. Initially hailed as a hero for leading the country to independence, Mugabe’s regime gradually became characterised by authoritarianism, economic decline, and human rights abuses.

His policies, such as land reforms and indigenisation, contributed to economic instability and a decline in agricultural productivity.

Mugabe’s rule was marked by political repression, including crackdowns on opposition parties and dissenting voices. Despite early promises of democracy and development, Mugabe’s long tenure was marred by corruption, economic mismanagement, and a deterioration in living standards for many Zimbabweans.

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What Mutsvangwa also said:

  • Mutsvangwa also said Zimbabwe must not be taught democracy after he spent all his life fighting for it.
  • He said there are unaddressed historical injustices emanating long before Zimbabwe attained independence in 1980 yet it seems some people believe the history of Zimbabwe starts in 1980.
  • He said there seems to be nostalgia about what transpired during the colonial era.
  • Mutsvangwa said the ruling ZANU PF is focused on prosperity for the Zimbabwe people.
  • He said Zimbabwe was not inherited, but it was fought for, therefore, those who want it must attain it the same way they did.

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