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When Love Turns Sour: Man Disowns Wife

When Love Turns Sour: Man Disowns Wife

When Love Turns Sour: Man Disowns Wife

A HARARE woman was left bemused yesterday when her husband referred to her as his ex-wife in court.

Peter Sibanda told the court that Felistas Manhamadze was his ex-wife after he applied for a protection order against her.

Peter pleaded with the court to evict Felistas from their matrimonial home, saying she was abusive and wanted to kill his children.

“I am being bullied by my ex-wife.

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“She verbally abuses me.

“I am emotionally drained by everything that is happening.

“I am of the view that if she wants to move out of the house she can do so, but the kids are not going anywhere,” said Peter.


In her response, Felistas argued that she was not Peter’s ex-wife.

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“He is saying that I am his ex-wife, but we have been staying together,” she said.

She said he could be given the protection order because she already had an order against him.

“I have never insulted him. I am surprised that he is saying that I want to kill my children,” said Felistas.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire granted Peter the protection order, but said the court cannot bar Felistas from her matrimonial home.

“Unfortunately, the court doesn’t have the jurisdiction to evict her from a place she is claiming to be her house,” she said.

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