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Woman Caught For the Second Time Sending Her Mjolo Pictures After Being Forgiven the First Time | Pictures

Woman Caught For the Second Time Sending Her Mjolo Pictures After Being Forgiven the First Time | Pictures

Harare, Zimbabwe – A woman who once topped trends last December after she was caught sharing explicit photos with her husband’s best friend has struck again, despairingly with the same lover.

Sekai Savanhu was caught by her husband Casper Savanhu, in a compromising situation with the same man who was involved in the previous adulterous episode.

Despite the embarrassment that Sekai’s affair caused the family, Casper refused to divorce her, forcing the pair to leave their ancestral home in Dzivaresekwa.

Sekai Savanhu persisted in her affair with Casper’s buddy even after moving and in spite of the shame her actions brought upon her husband’s choice to give her another chance.

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“Casper caught them red-handed at night when he came home late,” a neighbour told H-Metro. When his pal got away, he began assaulting his wife. Subsequently, he travelled to DZ during the night from Extension and proceeded directly to his friend’s residence, confronting him in front of his spouse.

“It is said that he even made it clear that he is going to bring Sekai to his friend’s house so that they stay together as he is done with her.

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“He then went on to confront Sekai’s best friend.”

She added:

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“It’s such a shame that Sekai never learnt from the previous incident and the fact that her husband took her back regardless of her being caught cheating with different men three times before.

“I think she has a problem and she needs help.

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