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$320 to See the Man Of God Prophet Walter Magaya!

Harare, Zimbabwe – Renowned religious figure, Prophet Walter Magaya, has sparked controversy after a flyer detailing his one-on-one service offering went viral online. The flyer indicates that individuals wishing to meet the Prophet personally are required to bring $320 USD as a “seed” contribution.

The flyer, which has been widely circulated on social media, has garnered significant backlash from both the public and religious critics. The wording on the flyer states that the $320 seed is necessary for those who want a personal consultation with Prophet Magaya, who has recently returned from a conference in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The flyer reads:

“One-on-One Seeding service with Prophet Walter Magaya. Only $320 USD.”

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$320 to See the Man Of God Prophet Walter Magaya!

Prophet Magaya’s controversial flyer | Photo – Walter Magaya Facebook

The concept of sowing a “seed” in religious contexts often refers to making a financial offering with the expectation of receiving spiritual or material blessings in return. However, the high amount requested has led many to question the ethics and motivations behind such a substantial fee.

Reactions have been swift and largely critical. Social media platforms have been flooded with comments ranging from disappointment and outrage to outright skepticism about the true intentions behind the service.

“I can’t believe people are still falling for this. $320 for a meeting? This is exploitation, plain and simple,” commented one user on Twitter.

Another user expressed frustration, stating, “Religion should be about faith and community, not about profiting from those who are seeking help.”

Critics argue that the hefty fee preys on vulnerable individuals who might believe that the financial contribution will guarantee them spiritual benefits or solutions to their problems.

This kind of practice, they claim, turns faith into a transactional relationship rather than a genuine spiritual journey.

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Religious scholars have also weighed in on the matter. Reverend John Mwale, a prominent figure in the Zimbabwean Christian community, remarked, “While donations and offerings are a part of many religious practices, setting a fixed price for spiritual services is highly problematic. It commercializes faith in a way that can lead to abuse and exploitation.”

As of now, Prophet Walter Magaya has not issued a public statement regarding the controversy. Magaya, who leads the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries, has a significant following in Zimbabwe and beyond.

His ministry is known for its large gatherings and high-profile healing services.

The incident has reignited the ongoing debate about the commercialization of religion and the ethical boundaries of religious leaders’ financial practices. While many followers of Prophet Magaya may still defend his methods and continue to support his ministry, the controversy highlights the delicate balance between faith and finance in modern religious practice.

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