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Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa Banned From Casino’s After Winning $30k!

Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa Banned From Casino's After Winning $30k!

Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa has found himself barred from local casinos after an extraordinary win of US$30,000, claiming divine intervention as the source of his success.

According to Mutumwa, God revealed the winning formula to him in a vision, leading to the historic win.

“This is the biggest win ever recorded at the casino.

I broke the previous record by almost double, and it was the biggest jackpot won on the site this year,” said Mutumwa. “My celebrations were cut short, however, because I have been banned by other casinos for winning too much.

They claim that since I am a prophet, I am receiving visions from God about the winning numbers. They fear they will go bankrupt because I will win too often.”

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Mutumwa expressed his frustration over the situation, emphasizing that he had adhered to all the casino’s rules.

“They should understand that if you are playing and winning according to the house rules, the casino has no reason to kick you out. I did nothing wrong. I played a game, was congratulated for winning, and I’m surprised other local casinos no longer welcome me.”

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Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa  further shared his disappointment with the casinos’ actions, highlighting what he perceives as their unwillingness to pay out legitimate winnings.

“I’m shocked that these people seem to only want people’s money and avoid payouts. I even tried going to their branch all the way out of town, hoping for better luck but was told I wasn’t welcome,” he added.

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