Shutdown 2022 Gig LineUp! Winky D | Seh Calaz | Jah Prayazh

This weekend is sure to cause confusion among revelers in Harare over where to spend the crossover night into 2023.

Zimdancehall crooners Winky D and Seh Calaz are set to launch their new albums on the same night, giving the genre’s lovers a headache over which show to attend.

The much-awaited Winky D new album will be revealed on Saturday at the Harare International Conference Center (HICC). Winky D is one of Zimdancehall’s yesteryear artists who never disappoint when it comes to live performances.

The title of the brand new album, Eureka Eureka, was revealed some days ago. The album title Eureka Eureka is Greek which is peculiar to the scientific community and relates to the satisfaction and jubilation that is common after a novel invention.

The album launch has also been cemented by a strong and perfect lineup of local acts that include the likes of Nutty O, Enzo Ishall, Killer T, Holy Ten Tocky Vibes, and Saint Floew.

All road leads to the HICC don’t miss the show.

Zimdancehall artist Seh Calaz will launch his new album titled, “Reggae Dzinorira” at the City Sports on Saturday. This is the same day Winky D is launching his album.

Despite launching his album on the same day as Winky D, Calaz is very confident he will be able to lure Zimdancehall fans to his album launch.

Chitungwiza residents will start a new year with the blessing of Jah Prayzah and the 3G Band on Sunday. It is a family show.

He will be supported by Jah Master and Chill Spot records at Damview Chikwanha which has become one of the fastest-rising entertainment hotspots in Chitungwiza.

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