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‘I was punished for protecting my marriage’

‘I was punished for protecting my marriage’

A married man from Cowdray Park suburb is languishing at Bulawayo Prison as punishment for confronting his caretaker, whom he accused of proposing love to his wife during his absence.

Raymond Chanakira (26) got a tip-off from his wife about their caretaker’s behaviour and this did not go down well with him as he later confronted him over the matter.

In an interview, Chanakira said he was a victim of the arm of law that was twisted to fix him for defending his marriage that was on the verge of collapse.

“This issue started sometime last year, when our caretaker started asking my wife out as he was taking advantage of the fact that we were operating shift work.

“The shift work kept me busy such that it became very difficult for me to spend time with my family,” he said.

The inmate said his caretaker took advantage of his busy schedule and he would visit Chanakira’s wife, urging her to walk out of their marriage, describing her husband as uncaring.

When Chanakira’s wife noticed the behaviour of their caretaker was getting out of hand, she reported the matter to her husband.

“I got a report from my wife that our caretaker was coming during my absence proposing love to my wife arguing that I was an irresponsible husband, who was leaving his family going to work.

“This behaviour showed me that this guy was undermining me as his tenant so I thought it was wise for me to confront him over that issue and from our discussion I saw it necessary to call and inform the owner of the house on the behaviour of his caretaker,” he said.

Chanakira said soon after reporting the matter the landlord confronted the caretaker over the issue and he was cautioned over his behaviour.

“I decided to report the matter without taking the law into my own hands by simply reporting the matter to the owner of the house who is based in South Africa since we had stayed together for a long time before his relocation.

“I expressed my displeasure on the behaviour of his caretaker.

“The guy was really disappointed and he called him warning him on his behaviour as he was at the risk of being stripped of the powers of monitoring his house.”

Soon after their discussion the landlord called the caretaker and warned him of his behaviour as he was disturbing his relations with his tenant who had occupied his house for seven years.

“The caretaker later visited me at home apologising over his actions and from the way he presented himself I believed that he was genuine but little did I know that was but the beginning.

“Soon after apologising over the matter the caretaker took keys for the other rooms that we were not using.

“This was his opportunity to counter my attack that I had made by reporting the matter to the landlord,” he said.

The inmate said while on duty he got a call from his wife informing him that thieves had broken into their house and got away with cellphones, television sets and solar panels without being heard by anyone.

“I got a phone call at around 5am from my wife who was at home telling me that thieves had broken into our home and they managed to steal some of my property and some owned by the landlord.

“While still trying to come to terms with the losses that I had incurred, he came from nowhere and started accusing me of having a hand in this break-in despite the fact that I was on duty at that time.

“The caretaker went and reported the matter to the police and on that same docket I was listed as the chief suspect with my friends of which all of us we were on duty when this incident occurred,”he said.

Chanakira said police officers came to his place, where they told him that he was needed in connection with a break-in that took place at a house he was renting.

“Each time I look at this issue I laugh because how can I be one of the suspects in connection with this break-in. I am one of the people who lost property in break-in and the next thing I am arrested on charges of unlawful entry and theft.

“I tried to explain my story to these police officers but with the relationship that I saw between the police officers and the caretaker I discovered that it was just an issue of fixing me over the previous issues that we had.

“The issue was taken to court and with the information they presented before the court I was found guilty and I was sentenced to 26 months in prison,”he said.

The inmate said his conviction became a wedge that later saw his wife relocating to Beitbridge without even communicating.

“From the time I came to prison my wife has never visited me instead she only managed to take my children to my mother, where she dumped them before she left going to Beitbridge.

“So that situation really stresses me at times as the woman that I stood with for a very long time betrayed me because of someone, who was dedicated to destroying our family,”he said.

The inmate said while in prison he decided to focus on growing his musical talent since he was good at writing songs.

With the support of the rehabilitation section the inmate has managed to compose more than 20 Zimdancehall songs.

“I never thought I was this talented but the response that I got from other inmates during an arts gala was overwhelming. That support gave me confidence and hope that I can actually live off my music.

“My coming to prison was more of a blessing in disguise as it gave me an opportunity to try other avenues and I now believe in myself as musician,” he said.

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