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Suicide Norton Teen Was Having Mjolo With a Married Woman!

Suicide Norton Teen Was Having Mjolo With a Married Woman!

A Chinhoyi University of Technology student who was found hanging from a tree at a Norton farm had been confronted over bedding a married woman a few hours before he disappeared, ZiMetro News has learnt..

Gerald Tadiwanashe Mapurisa’s illicit affair with a married woman was revealed during a memorial church service held for him in Norton on Saturday.

Gerald died two days before celebrating his 20th birthday.

The second-year student’s mother, Mabem Chivhayo, 58, and other guests could not hold back tears when Gerald’s older brother, Gilbert Mapurisa, 28, narrated his last moments with him.

“Gerald had become a friend besides being my young brother,” said Gilbert.

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“We discussed a day before he disappeared about how we would spend the day since none of us had money. We agreed to wait for the return of our father from work so that we could ask him for some money.

“He came and gave us US$10 and we went to a bar where Gerald met a woman unaware that she was married. I was upset with his behavior of hooking up with a woman he found in a bar.

“The woman would not leave Gerald and we left the bar after midnight but we could not take her home.

“Gerald had a one-night stand with the woman. I want to believe that someone informed her husband about our movements.

“We later learnt that she was married and when we asked her, she told Gerald that she had been stressed by her husband and wanted comfort. We went home and I left Gerald asleep and went to town.

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“That was the last time I saw Gerald alive, only to find his body in a mortuary. Akaponderwa mukadzi wemunhu Gerald. Zvinondirwadza ndichirikushaiwa hope. Mweya waGerald ngauzorore murugare,” said Gilbert.

Chivhayo told H-Metro that Gerald had promised to upgrade her life when he completed his studies.

“Zvinorwadza kuti Gerald ndakamusiira sadza ndichiti achadzoka kwakuzonzwa kuti akawanikwa akazvisungirira,” she said.

“It still pains me. He was intelligent, had a bright future and had promised to change our lives for the better.

“May God give me strength. We have more questions in connection with his alleged suicide,” said Chivhayo.

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Gerald was last seen on January 5 and found hanging in a kneeling position from a tree by woman fetching firewood the following day.

Post-mortem results showed that Gerald had committed suicide.

In other news that has gripped the country,

Financial Intelligence Unit Investigating Individuals Fingered In Gold Mafia Documentary

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has reportedly commenced investigations into individuals implicated in money laundering activities and illicit gold dealings in Al Jazeera’s documentary revealing alleged criminals driving gold smuggling and money laundering worth billions of dollars in Southern Africa.

Al Jazeera'Gold Mafia' Documentary Prompts Investigation Into Uebert Angel

Last week the Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC) launched investigations into Uebert Angel and Ewan Macmillan in a bid to ascertain the assets they own as well as the duo’s recent transactions.

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Angel, who is President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s special envoy and ambassador-at-large to Europe and the Americas, and Macmillan are both mentioned in the Al Jazeera documentary as part of an alleged band of money launderers….continue reading

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